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Are There Fake Online Casinos?


Yes, regrettably, fake online casinos exist. However, you possess the capability to conduct thorough research and identify these blacklisted establishments.

A compilation of blacklisted online casinos serves as a crucial resource in steering clear of dubious platforms. Such casinos often engage in withholding players’ funds, hosting rigged games, or deceiving users.

Detecting a blacklisted casino isn't always straightforward. Fortunately, anyone can acquire the skills to scrutinize online casinos effectively by examining their terms and conditions, verifying their legitimate licenses, and delving into their past performance.

This comprehensive guide provides a roster of blacklisted online casinos to avoid, strategies for safeguarding yourself, and recommendations for credible alternatives.

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Reasons Online Casinos Get Blacklisted

We're meticulous when it comes to adding sites to our online casino blacklist. To earn a spot, a casino must have committed significant infractions. While some sites may be more egregious than others, it's imperative to steer clear of any blacklisted casino without exception.

Vigilance is key. Reputable online casinos refrain from engaging in the following practices, which are indicative of a blacklisted site:

1. Unreliable Payment Methods

Dishonest casinos prolong the payout process unreasonably, sometimes even disbursing less than the expected amount.

2. Failure to Pay Winnings

Certain sites outright refuse to fulfill player payouts. Getting a response from their support centers is nearly impossible, and specific casinos, have gone as far as threatening customers who voice complaints.

3. Fake Online Casinos False Advertising

A blacklisted casino deceives users by presenting their site as safe and reliable. They frequently provide inaccurate bonus information, and the quality of their games is often exaggerated.

4. Poor Security

Shady sites seldom prioritize strong security measures. There's a risk of your personal information, including bank account details, being vulnerable to hacking, or your device being exposed to malware.

5. Flat Out Cheating

A blacklisted online casino manipulates its games, despite already holding the advantage of the house edge. This practice renders it extremely difficult to achieve any form of profit, which is the primary objective of gambling.

How to Spot A Fake Online Casino

While challenging, it's feasible to identify a dubious site independently. You may naturally encounter suspicious activity even without consulting a blacklist.

Here are some methods to identify blacklisted online casinos:

1. Not licensed to operate in your country

Many countries establish specialized governmental bodies and organizations dedicated to ensuring the lawful operation of online gambling companies. In the UK, the regulatory authority overseeing gambling activities since 2005 is the Gambling Commission.

If an online casino lacks the Gambling Commission logo and details regarding its UK license (which can be verified by visiting the Gambling Commission website), it's prudent to presume that it operates illegally in the UK. Consequently, in the event of any issues arising from using this website, you would lack protection against the site's operators.

2. It doesn’t support mainstream payment methods

One of the most straightforward methods to identify a website likely operating illegally is by observing if they exclusively accept cryptocurrency payments. The anonymity provided by cryptocurrency makes it convenient for operators of online casino scams to solely rely on this payment method, facilitating the potential disappearance with users' payments made to the online casino platform.

Additionally, virtual casino scams favour cryptocurrency due to another factor. Mainstream payment methods, such as credit card companies and digital wallet services, rely on brand reputation and trust. These entities are quick to terminate services to any company posing a threat to their reputation, including illegal online casino operations.


3. There are no reviews, they seem suspicious, or they’re mostly negative

A glaring indication that an online casino is a scam is the absence of any buzz surrounding it. While it might appear that the site is newly launched, it's risky to be the first to entrust your money without assurance of its legitimacy.

Another red flag signaling a potential scam is suspicious reviews. Poor-quality English or reviews exclusively found on dubious websites could suggest that scammers have fabricated or even paid for positive feedback to bolster the credibility of their fraudulent site.

Furthermore, if the majority of reviews are overwhelmingly negative, it's a clear warning to steer clear. Even if the site is legitimate, why would you want to deposit funds into an online casino known for its poor service?

4. Withdrawing your winnings is difficult

You stumble upon an enticing website online, register, and make your initial deposit. After a few spins on your favorite online casino games, you hit a jackpot on your first attempt. Encouraged by your success, you make another deposit, enjoy more games, and even walk away with a decent profit. Or so you believe.

However, when you attempt to withdraw your winnings, you encounter errors on the website. Despite promises from the support team via email that your funds will be released within two days, you find yourself stuck in a loop hearing the same story for a week.

If this scenario resonates with you, chances are you've fallen victim to a scam.

5. Insecure or unsecured online connections

Playing at an online casino with an unsecured or poorly secured internet connection poses significant risks to your security. Websites lacking adequate online security measures jeopardize your sensitive information, including financial and personal data, as third parties could intercept and steal it.


6. Unbelievable online bonuses

Be it an astounding online casino welcome bonus that promises to match your initial deposit, dollar for dollar, or an online casino offering free games with the opportunity to win real money, completely devoid of any terms and conditions, one thought inevitably arises: It sounds too good to be true. And as the old adage goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is.

7. Put their customer service to the test

If you're still questioning the existence of fake online casinos, there's one final method to determine the legitimacy of an online casino: contact their customer service. Most fraudulent sites won't have responsive customer service via email or online chat, leaving inquiries unanswered.

Those attempting to appear legitimate may respond slowly with inadequate replies that fail to address your concerns. Should they surpass these initial hurdles, inquire about their licensing information, enabling you to verify their legality with the relevant authorities.

The only way to gamble safely online

Encountering an online casino with an offer that appears too good to be true likely indicates a scam. To safeguard your funds and personal data while engaging in online slots and other casino games, opt for legal online casinos licensed to operate in your country.

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